Shipwrecked in Havana

You start the day at 10 am meeting your tour guide at the Rum Museum which is just a few minutes away from the cruise terminal. This is where you will start walking all the other three squares, Old Square, Main Square and Cathedral Square. The squares where the city was born and where the most beautiful buildings were built. It´ time to travel in time on cobbled streets.
Before you get to Cathedral Square you can stop for a drink at one of the many private bars in Old Havana, excellent opportunity to chat with your tour guide to get more insights on the Cuban life.
From there you’ll keep walking and exploring Old Havana until 12:30 or 1:00 pm when you would go for lunch at a restaurant of your choice or one recommended by the tour guide. When it comes to restaurants, old Havana has a lot of choices and hidden gems that will amaze you indeed.
After lunch you’ll walk to the Museum of the Revolution and from there you will walk to Central Park (passing by the Bacardi Building and the Cuban Fine Arts Museum) where you’ll take a cool convertible old timer from the 50’s to visit some of other highlights of the city like Revolution Square and the Forts.
You’ll be dropped off at the same square where you started the day, from there you can either go back to cruise or just hang out in Old Havana. You’ll say good bye to your tour guide around 4:00 pm.

Fernando Horta


Meeting Point for Fertours: