How do I know the price of the tour?

Once you contact Fertours the price will be arranged via e-mail previously to the date of the tour.

Do I get a better price per person if I´m travelling with a group?

Yes. The more people travelling with you the better price you get.

Does it mean that couples should consider another choice?

No. Couples and families will still get a very reasonable price plus the most personalized service.

Do I get to choose where I want to go?

Certainly, we will always take wherever you want to go plus the places we recommend. Not only that, you can also say how long you want to stay in those places.

Can I choose what kind of car I want for the tour?

Yes. You can always choose a classic American car with AC, whatever you ask for, we´ll get it for you.

Do I need to travel on a one-day tour with my passport?

No. Only if you need to exchange cash at a bank or at a foreign exchange outlet (CADECA).

What´s the preferred form of payment?

The CUC. You can change any currency into CUC, including the U.S dollar, at any airport, hotel or bank.

Can I pay with credit card at restaurants?

Most local restaurants where you will be having lunch or dinner are privately owned so they only take cash.

Can I use my credit cards at all?

Yes, some shops accept credit cards such as Cabal, Transcard, Visa and MasterCard as long as they are not issued by US banks or their branches. You can also withdraw cash from ATM under the same criteria.

How safe is Cuba?

Cuba is by far one of the safest places in Latin America. Our crime rate is very low and assaults are very rare. The places where you will be travelling are absolutely safe.

How many Cuban cigars and bottles of rum can I take home?

You can take up to 50 cigars, if you exceed that amount you are required an official invoice from the store where you purchased them. You are also allowed to take 2 liters of rum.

Can I use my own cell phone in Cuba?

Once you arrive, you can either rent a cell phone or activate yours. Cubacel telephone number is 5 2642266, email addresses are cubacel@cubacel.cu and cubacel@cubacel.com and its web page is Cubacel. Also you can check the roaming agreements of Cubacel and ask to your carrier for this service in Cuba.

How do I call home from Cuba?

Just dial: 119 or (+) + country code + city code + telephone number.

Where can I have Internet access?

Most hotels have either Wi-Fi or a cybercafé where you can have Internet access and also there is publics Wi-Fi in somes city's parks; always you have to buy a "Nauta's" service card.

Fernando Horta